Meeting Eric Thomas

Meeting Eric Thomas was a great opportunity for me to hang out with a great man, full of motivation and a message that rings true to me… If you don’t know who I am talking about You Tube his videos!

Newsletter Meeting Eric ThomasHe has come from nothing; living on the streets, to now being one of the best motivational speakers in the world. His says the main reason why a lot of  people don’t take action towards their dreams is the FEAR that if they do go “all in” and still fail, it would be the most traumatic and utterly shattering thing that could happen to someone…

He calls it, going at life in “BEAST MODE”…

Water boils at 100 degrees… you can be so close at 99 degrees and it wont boil, and then one day, POP! You hit 100 and your boiling!

What areas in your life are you boiling and what areas are only at 60-80 degrees???

He also spoke about when a huge building is getting constructed it takes ages to complete the foundations. All the while you can’t see anything happening because it’s going on below the surface. Then when there is a solid foundation, it takes a short time for the building to go up. He says that it’s the same if you want a huge things in life, have got to lay a solid foundation and then you will go up fast!

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