Things every Tenant should know about finding a Rental Property

In this day and age knowledge is power and more tenants are taking the time to understand their rights and the tools available to them. Those tenants that are renting through private landlords can often have the rights unknowingly violated simply because both parties are not aware of them.

With a little bit of knowledge, you can keep yourself from being taken advantage of. Here are some things that every tenant should know.

When Looking for a Place to Rent, Use All the Tools at your Disposal

Websites such as Domain, or are all wonderful resources that you should utilise when looking for a new home. Not every real estate agent lists on each site so keeping an eye on two of these most popular websites can be a good idea.

Binoculars looking ofr a rental property

Save Money on Rent by Moving at the Right Time

While it may seem prudent to try and move in the summer, when the market is more active, you can potentially negotiate a better rent in seasons such as winter.

Talk To Existing Tenants to Get the Whole Story

Although it may be a bit intimidating, no one can give you a better idea of how it is to live in an apartment or home than the people who have been living there.

If You Want To Pay Less Then Asking

While it is always difficult to negotiate on the rent itself, you may be able to get other perks out of entering into a negotiation, such as an extra parking spot or your lawn mowing done. A well-priced property in any market will have strong competition so suss out how many others are interested in the property, there is no point playing hard ball if there are other applications being submitted.

Make Sure You Know All Your Rights

When you enter into a discussion with a landlord or property manager you’ll have a distinct advantage if you are well versed in your rights as a tenant. A quick Google search of “tenant rights” plus your area should get you a good overview online. In WA you can find lots of helpful information here-

Make Sure You Have Everything in Writing

If you’re worried about any part of your agreement with your landlord, make sure it makes it into the lease in writing.

Read Everything Before You Sign Anything

Likewise, make sure you read anything you are about to sign in its entirety to avoid agree to something that could cost you in the future.

Document Your Move in with Photos

A great property manager will have included photos in the property condition report but it is not compulsory to do so, many won’t. The best way to insulate yourself from being blamed for existing damage to a property is to document it with photos. It doesn’t take long or much effort to make sure you don’t have to pay for an existing problem.

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